The Demonic Demons of Aso-Villa.

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For quite some time I’ve followed Dr. Reuben Abati closely, from Guardian to Patito’s gang and the State House, a superb writer and journalist per excellence. He exhumes authority in his deliveries whether written or verbal.
So it was no surprise that I took interest in his recent exclusive disclosure about the infestation of the seat of power (Aso Villa) by evil forces, better called demons.

These demons are so terrible that according to him they cause deaths and other calamities within the Presidential Villa. They even render the middle of the male tripod ineffective and thus bringing silent pains and agonies to some wives.

He even adduced wrong decisioning at the seat of power to their presence. It sure sounds pitiable to the average extremely carried away spiritual Nigerian but for me it’s benumbing. I can at best take it with mixed nuances, one, because I believe demons exists, and two, because in this case I’ve got reservations.

About sudden deaths in the Villa, the begging question is if Abati knows how many Nigerians who have no business dying dies everyday? Does he know how many are kidnapped daily? Even though non had been kidnapped in the Villa, perhaps different kinds of demons on assignment. If Dr. Abati cares, there are demons in the North-East killing innocent people, there are demons on our death-trapped roads killing daily, some demons are housed permanently by our ill-equipped hospitals across the nation. Isn’t the entire system demonized?

So he said, some forces a.k.a demons are responsible for some wrong decisions by our leaders. Really? Is he kidding me? So, demons whisper into their ears to go steal also? If that’s the justifiable excuse, I just wonder why demons don’t tell them to jump in front of a moving train? Just asking!

And demons will tell them not to build infrastructures too! I guess some of these allusions are even scary to the demons. Oga Abati further advised those seeking leadership to be wary of the antics of these demons. Sound advice!
But I know there are different forms of power, political, social and economic powers readily comes to mind. So, talking economic power you’re likely to think Dangote, then my question, why is Dangote group not demonized, why are they not making wrong decisions? Did I hear you talk about investors.

Exactly! In like manner, we’ve invested our votes in the leadership of Nigeria, we want results at the end of your tenures synonymous with an enterprise’s end of financial year that sees us having dividends. Any such allusions to demonization won’t suffice because it’s simply not business like, but rather busyness like.

If at all Dr. Abati’s submission will hold water, I will agree to the extent that the entire nation is demonized, not just Aso Villa.
One sincerely hopes the current administration won’t come up with such story for non performance after their tenure, not even with the presence of Pastors in the team.

Like it’s said on the streets, ‘no be today’!

‘Dapo Omojola

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