The Need For Excellence.

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Excellence is the process of inspiring quality on a consistent and progressive measure. Excellence is not some thing you do sometimes it must become a way of doing the right things always. Our society and nations need people who will do things with excellence.

Doing things with excellence will make you different, distinct and people will prefer to do things with you. When you possess an excellent spirit you will be preferred above the presidents and princess because an excellent spirit makes you greater, it makes you a ‘sought-after’. The first step in doing this is to add value to yourself, invest in yourself, become a man or a woman of value, add value to your life, start developing yourself and become so good until you become an expert at it.

excellenceOne of the ways for us to achieve the kind of progress and development we desire in our nation is for every one of us to make the conscious choice to be the best at what we do. Refuse to be satisfied with mediocrity or substandard result.

Many people in our society have gotten used to mediocrity because only very few are getting result so they thought excellence is for the few individuals. Whether you are a student, civil servant, a business man, irrespective of your vocation, be passionate about excellence. Dare to be different, do things excellently and have an excellent mind. Having an excellent spirit means having an excellent character. It shows up in everything you do.

For instance when you are given an assignment to handle a job. Don’t just do it in a hurry so you can be paid, but handle with care and go over it again and again as your progress. Don’t use fake materials but rather recommend and demand quality. Don’t allow imperfection in anything you do.

Let excellence become one of your personal principle and value. Teach others around you to value the same thing. Whether you are alone doing your work or others are there, do not compromise to do things the same way because excellence attracts. Do not chastise yourself because of initial failures, it is a process, it may be difficult, but it is doable.




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