The Power of Power.

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Successive governments and unfortunately, (even) the incumbent one, have all mastered the art of putting square pegs in round holes.

This is quite unfortunate and rather disheartening as it makes you wonder if there has been, through the years, a grand deception and a well planned conspiracy by the ruling class in what can best be described as ‘pseudo leadership’.

Being home over the weekend afforded me the opportunity to think about the problems of this country, the attending negative effect on the masses and probably proffer a solution or two. I dozed off briefly but sleep eluded me as the heat in my room was unbearable and my neighbours’ generating sets wouldn’t even allow you hear yourself think. The heat and the noise (by then I’d developed a headache)made me sit back up and the problem with the country came to me at that moment.


A country without constant power supply is a country not ready for proper development.
No wonder after so long after independence, Nigeria is still being classified as UNDERDEVELOPED or ‘DEVELOPING’ NATION, as the more polite countries would subtly call us.

Nigeria is an importing country today largely because the cost of production here is through the roof, reason? POWER!

Imagine powering your factory with a million naira fuel to make a product worth seven hundred thousand naira? How much would you sell that product eventually?

Now,let us do a simple arithmetics… In a community of 300,000 homes, 5 litres of petrol is used daily to power their generating sets, i.e
5ltrs x N147= N735(one household per day)
N735 x 300,000 =N220,500,000
(Whole community per day)
N220,500,000 x 30 = N6,615,000,000 (whole community for a month!)
Multiply by 12months and your calculator will probably show error as the figure will be mind numbing and this is just based on 5ltrs per house hold per day!

Imagine what these monies could do for the country.
Just imagine the possibilities.

Power is very important to the development of any country.
Provide a proper and stable power supply and watch the economy grow in leaps and bounds.

Sometimes I wish I could be invited to the FEC meeting of the Federal Government, I will tell them in clear terms that they have been putting square pegs in round holes and going about developing the country the WRONG way.

Power is the ONLY economic sector that cuts across all other sectors so it’s only sensible that more attention be paid to it (how come the government doesn’t know this?)

You may call my earlier attempts at arithmetical calculations a rough sketch or if you will, a layman’s mathematical jingoism but the figures arrived at can’t be side stepped in the larger picture. Feel free to try.

Tope Aguda writes from Lagos.

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