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Sometimes I don’t know whether to give scornful laugh or just cry for what is going on in my country; those who want to pacify and deceive themselves say things are getting better but the truth is that they are degenerating but in styles.

When I saw people brandishing pictures of President Buhari at Juma’at service yesterday and their excitements, I shook my head in bewilderment and at their ignorance. Our preoccupation since the beginning of this year has been: President Buhari ate dinner with Tinubu & Akande, Senate President visits Buhari, Trump calls Buhari, Buhari appears in pyjamas to receive bla-bla, Buhari goes to Juma’at, Buhari walks to office etc.

Today is the 6th day of May and the Budget has not been passed and Minister of Information says we are out of recession in weeks, though inflation rate is now at about 20.0. Goods are getting more expensive everyday and workers are not being paid but interestingly, no strike actions against none payment of salaries.

The Senate has taken a tactical step to clamp down on the press by limiting approved media at the chambers and there are news of missing budgets documents. This administration, the more you hear the less you understand.

The whistle blowing policy was received with excitement by people like me until this same administration made us doubt the sincerity of the policy because if there are no convictions and we can’t lay claims to how the money retrieved benefitted the people, then how are we sure it’s not the same currencies they are moving about people’s houses and courtyards?

We complained about past clueless administration but this is just a visionless one that’s desperate to hold on to power. 2 years already into this administration, the party in government is still campaigning and we are yet to see the manifestations of positive changes.

What I know is that poverty has no gender, religion or tribe; one day, we shall rise against those who have oppressed this nation for this long and that day, the political party and region won’t matter. That day, the masses who are the vast majority will rise in unprecedented movement against tyranny, oppression and suppression and that day, the laws enforcement agents would have to choose whether they belong to the masses or the ruling class that have subjected them to modern slavery and ridicule.

The day is imminent, the masses action shall be triggered by unplanned and unprecedented reactions borne out of frustrations and despair.

The oppression you don’t resist shall persist; even God enjoins us to resist the devil, not negotiate or plea with him.

Try and have a pleasant weekend my friends.

Adeniyi Rotimi Johnson.



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