How To Be The Top 10% In Whatever You Do.

Being good at what you do needs a deliberate practice it’s not a race but it’s a journey that takes you to your desired goal. Rome, as they say, wasn’t built in a day – and neither will your mastery in a skill. Whenever you attempt something new or even try to get better at what you already “know” – breaking it down into smaller parts might be the ideal thing to do. Attempt it part by part and master the basics before you attempt the more complex parts. You Need A Good Teacher


We should not try to improve ourselves only by imitating others but through hard work and sincere efforts. We must not forego the moral ideals for attaining something. The improper methods often adopted stand in the way of desired achievements. Such methods are sure to affect the desired results. Even if we achieve something through such improper means, our achievement is not permanent. It is sure to be short lived.


So, for an enduring result, before you try to get better at a thing, you have to know what it is that you are trying to do. One good way to go about it is to watch a master or an expert at work – then you have a goal in mind that this is the level of expertise you too want to reach.
Since we cannot be objective about ourselves enough, if we want to improve ourselves, we need a teacher, guide or friend who can point out our flaws, or missing gaps so that we can improve everywhere we lack. Get someone, be it your teacher or mentor to keep giving you feedback and remember to take criticism constructively. This is very important in you search in how to be successful.


Remember that if you truly want to better yourself and reach 100% proficiency in something, you have to keep trying and keep practicing without bothering about the time or the effort spent. And you have to be patient and persevering about it if you do want to rise above the average and truly master what you so desire to!

‘Dapo Omojola


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