Is This Truly The Dumbest Generation?

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Some peeps have argued that this is the most flourishing generation mainly because of the advantages of the internet. I couldn’t agree more. I have benefited immensely from this technologically driven and prosperous generation.

With the advent of the computer age and the advancement of microchip tech far away from the grin-grin table top phones of our dad’s era or the Nitel phone booths of the 90’s. These flat paneled devices have moved information, interaction and entertainment way beyond the 4pm colour bar days of NTA and ‘SuperTed’.

The online community has seamlessly fused into one huge nuclear family of ideas, gossip, fun, malice, envy, trust, betrayal, deceit, fraud, education, human rights activities, empathy, love, marriage, divorce, suicide, murder, reality, falsity, opportunities, blessings, disgrace, honour, disrespect, wealth, growth, death, medecine, discovery etc… Name it, the internet has touched every aspect of life.

Damn it if the FBI right now don’t have a drone relaying pictures direct to a hard drive in the pentagon showing that I am on my bed in my tracks with no shirt on writing this piece that most peeps won’t bother to read.

Yes by that, I answer the new age question that do Nigerians read anymore? As a matter of fact the new generation is reading a lot more (junk) and are studying less academically. A society decides to send its offspring to develop and equip itself with useful knowledge to better survive the future, however reverse is the case right before our ‘Opolo’ eyes.

This is 2017, yet despite the powerful opportunities technology provides, my secondary school still has the same G-clamps in the chemistry lab I left in 94, which Senior Nurudeen used from 86, and was donated by an old boy in 76.

Our syllabuses still carry the same topics from Nelkon and Parker even when Tobey Macguire has moved away from his spidey web lock and Pan away from Peter because the harmonics have changed from vinyl to the cloud.

We say they are a lazy one way traffic sheeple dumb generation, lack manners, only focus on music and other forms of entertainment online. They add no value to themselves but buy data and browse fire! Ngwanu, who stopped moral studies in schools? Who paid a ‘machinery’ to sit for their son’s jamb exam? Who stole the money meant for the rehabilitation of Araromi Primrary School and sent their daughter to Obodo to come back with a fake accent and rule our airwaves as an OAP? (subject for another day).

Most importantly who kept quiet and looked on whilst the kid in Agege was robbed of his right of mind emancipation? Who gave birth to Omo Wobe? Who turned Gani into an Area boy? Why is sidi an olosho?

Posterity came knocking and gave us a second chance yet our ogas at the top watch on as other advanced countries seize the opportunity to better their kids with modern tech whilst our boys only advance in ’19 with the lappy.

Every Artiste and young blood now confidently use the phrase ‘Sache’ with so much pride and gusto. My next gen is all over social media interacting, relating but no one is giving them the direction to save the future instead they are telling me to learn Chinese and survive the future of business rather than develop WaZoBia.

A Chemistry graduate I am but not one pharmaceutical producing company in Naija to employ my class of 2000 from Unilag. Boys are not smiling so they took the little acquired knowledge to refine their own petrol in Ikorodu.

In other climes our kids with the brilliant rapport they share online will have been directed purposefully to earn this country a place in the world with their brilliance but Alhaji has to remain head of the ministry even though he has no idea what a 4G phone can accomplish.

Igwe must continue to give command of what must be (as it used to be) till all dies like NTA Tales by moonlight. Bruce Willis is still acting so Baale does not see the reason why that young brilliant boy in his community must be sponsored to brush up his animation skills and redirect our music videos from nudity and soft porn.

The future is dead if the dead minded continue to direct the future. Bob marley said “emancipate yourselves from mental slavery…”, what quote is the new school Nigerian Artiste sharing for free on the internet?

Even if the classroom has failed because Tisha is struggling to survive too should Man must ‘wack’ be the reason we invest in bottles of Hennessey rather than sponsor every blogger to do throw back Thursday of our values, culture and tradition so at least these kids can learn to use LIB as a LIBrary for our collective growth?

Sincerely who dumbed down this generation, who failed them. Did you teach them to know better? IDGAFrogg! as usual.

Koffi’Tha Guru’ is Nigeria’s most versatile entertainer, comedian, actor, singer and author of the book ‘Beauty of The Beast: The Scars that made me a Star. #ComicTruthbyKoffi is not a personal attack on anyone or institution, he only writes about those/things he loves and is passionate about. You can catch some more honest opinions on his #KoffiweeklyDigest on

He recently released a new music video “Sociality” featuring Emma Oh Ma God and Woli Arole (Off his forth coming 13th music album #CollaboraShunz) koff

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