Why Buhari Can(‘t) Fail!

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It portends ginormous danger to be loved by all.  So it’s not news that a couple of people will dislike seeing your waste on the refuse dump. Much greater danger it is however if those who love you fail to accost you with the truth from time to time even when it doesn’t seem to be what you desIre to hear. At such points the ones that dislikes your face might actually be the best to court.

And in the latter assertion lies an abbtross for the leadership of President Buhari. He’s got so many people loving him that he might not get to hear the truth.  There’s a huge number of public officials wanting to please him,  wanting to be seen as a performer even when they’re merely dancing to the ludicrous sound from the gallery.

A recent point in case was the First Policeman in the land lying to 170million of us that his force rescued  Chief Olu Falae and that no ransom was paid. Such a self-serving hypocritical lie that negates the change mantra.

Follow me on this,  how honourable would it have been if he said,  ‘unfortunately we couldn’t rescue him, the family had obliged the kidnappers the ransome before we could move in’ and use the opportunity to dissuade ransom payment while promising to be more efficient going forward.

Wouldn’t that have been honourable and in consonance with the promised change? More shameful is the fact that he’s not yet shameful enough to apologize to us and set the record straight!

images-1I will rather leave the political part out,  but not without the mention of the ongoing trial of the Senate President which in my opinion will die a natural death ‘if’ Saraki plays ball. The alternative is to not play, and by extensive calculations give up the Senate Presidency to the opposition PDP, this is called internecinity in warring terms.

Do I support corruption? No! Do I support fight against corruption? Yes,  if with genuine intentions,  not a corruption charge trumped up because some guys have sniffed and are high on the popular body odour!

What about the fuel we ‘enjoy’? I learnt the NNPC now solely does unprecedented importation in our history with outstanding subsidy payment running into hundreds of billions.

The CBN Governor would rather leave in the face of directionless economy. Sure we can call his bluff,  but is there an economic team,  let alone an economic direction, isn’t his observation obviously true?  Sweet-bitter-truth I call it.                                                                                                 I believe further tardiness in revamping our beleaguered economy which is on a southern speedy journey will make him lose the messianic posture his fans has adduced to him in a fashion more like puncturing a balloon mid air.

The freshest  of all analogies on my mind right now is that of the mythological Greek soldier called Achilles,  he was so fortified no arm could fall him, but his heels were not fortified,  guess where the shot that killed him hit him?  The uncovered,  unsecured heel!                          ‘Hossanah’ is the shout he hears today, if not careful, ‘crucify him’ will be the shout tomorrow.

‘Dapo Omojola

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