Xenophobic Attack and the Angst!

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Xenophobic Attack!

This is about the third time this will happen in South Africa within a decade. Major subjects of these attacks have been Nigerians and other foreigners from Namibia, Zimbabwe, and other countries.

Unfortunately, all the other African countries are way behind South Africa in terms of developments both physical infrastructure and financial buoyancy. These key issues are obviously attractive thereby causing flocks of migrants to move to South Africa but to the shame of the governments of the various countries mentioned above.

While SA was a pariah nation as a result of apartheid policies, the minority white government was busy developing the economy and building infrastructures but other leaders were squandering the riches and wealth of their various nations.

If Nigeria had infrastructure and a buoyant economy, why would an able bodied man migrate from his country? We must leave the talk of support Nigeria gave the people of SA in their struggle for majority rule and face the reality that Nigeria is becoming a failed state. Let us learn from Ghana and develop our economy and infrastructure with home grown technology and patriotism. We must kill corruption that has hindered the growth of this nation, bring in selfless leaders who see themselves first as Nigerians before their ethnic or tribal leanings and develop new curriculum in schools that promotes entrepreneurship amongst the younger generation. After all these, we then begin our journey to the land of greatness.

Babatunde Omojola

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