Your Lips, Your Power!

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Hey Pretties, I guess you all are having a great day.

From time immemorial men have gone to war for the sake of women. Wrestling started before our existence to prove how much a woman means to a man. Yet, some women wrongly use their power.

You see, a good woman knows how to speak life to her man. She uses her word to make or mar him.

On the average, the greatness and failure of a man lies hugely on his wife. Everyone can tell a man he’s doing great but if the woman feels otherwise, the man’s progression reduces. On a flip, if everyone thinks he’s a failure and his wife makes him feel otherwise, soon the world will celebrate him.

Now Have you seen how important you are babe?

A simple analogy, have you ever wondered why your Mom usually say; “Don’t worry, your Dad will do it”… probably, something he vehemently said he wasn’t doing? She didn’t threaten him neither did she bribe him with sex, I’ve a strong conviction she used her lips to massage his ego, for example,  “My king, Oloworimi, Oko-mi, My husband, most sweet among all daddies…why do you want your child to think otherwise, remember, you are the provider, give her the cash and make him/her know their dad is the best…”

A woman can melt a man’s heart with her words, she can also stirr anger with it.

When I was in a relationship, any time I use the word “I Love you so much”;… trust me, the network always breaks, he goes; “not clear, please repeat.” “I didn’t hear a word”. “You said”… and when I start calling him sweet names, he’s excited even after saying tired, he would still want to talk.

There’s no mountain too high for a man whose wife is backing.

Some of you can’t tell your man how handsome he looks, biko ring the bell, “My cute boo”. “God! I really got lucky, baby you are hot”. “I’m just imagining our kids having your eyes, lips or anything you really admire”. I feel safe in your arms, that’s why I love hugging you”. “Who wouldn’t feel tempted kissing a lips as hot as yours, forgive that your secretary.

Just use your mouth wisely hunnie, MAKE him and don’t MAR him.

The choice is solely yours.

Love always, Angie😘

Angela Ojor-Paul

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