Demystifying a ‘Monday’

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There are beautiful 7 days in a week and I believe this is a global norm. However, your Monday could be someone else’s Tuesday and someone’s Sunday could be your Monday depending on his neck-of-the-wood.

In my clime you hear and see people saying and doing things that implied Monday to be better than any other day of the week. A day to keep a ‘serious’ face, a day for an extra ounce of aggression, a ‘no-nonese’ day!

It’s a day to hurry even if you’re going nowhere! It’s a day to be efficient even if you’re not effective. A day to ‘form’ activity even when there’s no productivity. If you’re a social media influencer, it’s a day for ‘Monday motivation’ but there aren’t ‘Tuesday motivation’. I like asking why and that’s why I’m questioning this entrenched order.

I agree it starts the working day, but for all you care, for the Preacher Sunday might be the most important day as Friday might be for the Imam, perhaps Saturday for the Professional M.C or a D.J.
So why is Monday overtly assuming a positive notoriety synonymous with seriousness.

You play on a Monday morning and someone goes ‘why will you do that on a Monday’? But on a flip side, with my experience in sales, an average vendor on the street or the market won’t pay you on a Monday! Did you just ask why? Yes, they argue that money must come in on Monday and not out. Sickening!

All these are a result of our cultural and traditional background. Some believe the entire week will go bad if Monday goes bad, lie! Everyday is as important as the other. So, when next you see me play on a Monday morning your frown won’t help, it is my Monday.

By the way, I thought some people said 7 means perfection? Hmn… That resulted from a defective knowledge transfered to many from Numerology. I even want to mischievously align with the thought, it therefore means every week is a week of perfection since every week has seven days.

By implication, all days are perfect, all days are equally important, nothing places one on a higher pedestal over the other in heirachy of importance. Monday is a nomenclature of identification as much as Tuesday, Wednesday and all other days of the week are. Stop short-changing yourself. Utilise everyday and any day well. THINK!

‘Dapo Omojola

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