Everybody Has Money Problems.

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Most wealthy people have history of poverty!

Just like they escaped financial struggles, you can too! Your escape starts with the belief that you can be wealthy and the willingness to pay the price. Wealth is possible for you but it doesn’t just happen, YOU have to make it haPpen. Your money problems, and the solutions, depend on you!

Manage yourself well and become financially literate, to manage “too little money” effectively. Interestingly, the problems of “too much money” are greater!

The “privilege” to solve problems of “too much money” depends on solving problems of “too little money” The basic requirement for building wealth is income. A regular income helps you to plan your expenses, determine what lifestyle you should live and what you can save and invest for the future.

Next to regular income is self control. You must be able to control yourself, know what you can have now and what you need to be patient to have in future. Irrespective of your past financial struggles, you can create a better future. You have the power! More money will not end your money problems!

Most people who struggle financially have problems of “too little money”. Interestingly, if they get more money, they will simply spend it and ask for more! People who are very wealthy have problems of “too much money”. They constantly have to protect their wealth from all kinds of dangers!

You will not be free of money problems by building wealth! You will only have the problems of “too much money”! Entrepreneurs are dreamers actively pursuing their dreams. In the process of pursuing their dreams of offering products and services, they invest, make a lot of money and build wealth. The only person stopping your dream is you!

You cannot “work” your way to enduring wealth! You have to build it!












Dr. Ekundayo Ogunmosin


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