Just Marry Him!

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In developed countries, when a lady is going through a lot or in a mess, she’s asked to get a job or try to visit a psychologist so as to get through the process and make a defined decision.

In Nigeria, it’s a different ball game.

When a lady is going through a problem or in a bad situation, she’s asked to marry any guy who comes around as a way to solve her problems.

When I lost my Dad, I had school fees and some expenses to take care of.

Virtually everyone around me started singing “ANGIE, if a guy wants to marry you, just marry him oh!: That way, you can pay your fees and help yourself and family. All these statements were consistent till the day a friend’s mum called me, she said: “Angie, don’t marry any guy because you need to solve a problem….”

Hunie, I’m not sure what you are going through at the moment… but, marriage is not a way out of problems. If you are considering marriage because of your present situation…  then DON’T!

Marriage is not just what you should do because you are of age, in a problem, pregnant or in competition.

Marriage is what you should go into because you are READY!

The readiness of Marriage is not when your body is fully developed. Neither is it when you are done with school.

Readiness for marriage comes with you;

* Discovering your purpose,

* Understanding your purpose and

* Walking in purpose….

It comes with you being a self-sufficient lady. It comes with you being a lady; who has fully come to terms with loving herself, knowing her self worth.

It comes with you knowing you deserve the very best…

When you have fully come to the terms of self-realization, knowing you as you should, being a self-sufficient lady… you can now MARRY him, not for selfish gains but because he’s a soul-mate you truly can’t live without.

I’m hoping we all make the right choice settling down with the right spouse at the right time.

2018; will bring about blissful union, Amen!


Lots of Love, Angie! 😙

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