Love or Pity, Confused?

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There’s a thin line between love and pity.
Most times ladies miss this and the next word you hear is; “He broke my heart.”

Having sympathy for people is something great and some guys can do so to a great extent. Like; call, text, hang out and gist with you so freely.
Until, he says his intention, please, never assume he is already in LOVE.

So often women enter into love covenants with those who come disguised as Mr. Right. Like the men of Israel who never took the time to look beyond the surface, some women hear words and romantic gestures and take them at face value, without inquiring of the Lord.

It’s true, we could get carried away with sweet words sometimes, especially when the guy suits what you really like… but, please, never assume!

Worthy to note is that a man who truly loves you will be willing to pay the price for you, like the merchant “who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it” (Matthew 13:46 KJV). He’ll sell worldly ideas about sex before marriage, other women he’s kept on reserve, (that’s side chick)…you name it, he’ll get rid of it, in order to be in position to win you! Jesus paid the price to redeem you. How much more should a mortal man be willing to pay to possess your love?

But, a lot if times, we seldom think “What if I don’t get to see Him”… I know that reaction, when people go; “so when are we meeting him?”, “How is he?” and you go, “I don’t know him yet!”
My darling, you will have to damn what the world thinks, and wait for God’s best, a man you don’t have to crack your head to know whether he loves you or not.

When a man wants you in his life, it’s not so much stress to find out… you would know. Any man who can’t make his intention known easily, one who makes you start guessing “does he love me or not” is not really a serious person!
A serious man, sees what he wants and goes for it rightly without mincing words or actions.

Realize that maturity does not come with age but with acceptance of responsibility. Accepting the fact that, he’s ready for a commitment and not to play games with your heart.

Like I always say and keep saying, “DO NOT ASSUME A ROLE YOU HAVE NOT BEEN GIVEN!”. In other words, don’t do the things a wife does until you are a wife.
Be a friend until he carries you over the threshold. If he acts as a concerned friend act as one and not a Princess in love with her Prince.

Lastly, don’t let the pressures around you make you settle for anything less than God’s will for your life. You are worth everything beautiful hunie.

You are worthy of TRUE LOVE… so wait for it!

Lots of Love, Angie😙

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