Marriage: Beware of Egocentric Men!

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From time immemorial, a lady is groomed to become a wife. She’s taught how to sweep, clean, cook and do lots of house chores.
Most times, even if she has an older brother, so much responsibility is placed on her to ensure her younger ones are properly taken care of…and at any given mistake, the echoed word is,  “is that how you will take care of your husband?”

Nothing or little attention is being given to the male child and that’s why we have a lot of overgrown babies as men.
But times are changing and mothers are beginning to realize the mistakes made in time past.

But hey! Some men would never change. They believe they are doing a lady a favour by getting married to her. That’s why they treat you as shit and a vast majority of single ladies take all of these all in the name of being a “MRS”

Oh dear!, do you know how precious you are?
God loves you so much than you can imagine. He actually wants the very best for you… Trust Him enough to send your BEST!

That’s why, the worst kind of man to live with are those with so much ego. Those who still see women as slaves, those who behave in an archaic way, very primitive in thoughts. Don’t get fooled, exposed or not, some just never change.

For example, in this day and age, there are still certain men who cross their legs in the parlour while their wives slave-away running the home. They have a strong believe that only a woman should cook, bathe the kids, do school run, assist the kids with their assignments, clean the house. Sometimes these women pay all bills.. and in the reverse where she can’t contribute a cent or he’s the highest income earner, he believes his word is final and he’s always right. His “I’m sorry” is expensive and feels should be paid off with money, that is, he would rather get you gifts rather than saying “I’m sorry” for what he did.
An egocentric man believes heading a home is about “COMMAND” instead of “SERVICE”
An egocentric man feels he’s entitled to cheat “after all I’m a man, a Nigerian man for that matter, I can marry two wives, duh!”
An egocentric man is more like a sperm donor most times, because, you alone will raise the child/children; emotionally, spiritually, morally and otherwise, he’s an absentee Dad, more like a baby-daddy.
An egocentric man sees it offensive for a woman to rise higher than him. He sees your success as a threat. He can crash your dreams.

My Loves, why the rush all in the bid to stay with such a man?
I believe, God our creator wants us happy all the times.
I believe He knows we deserve the very best.
I believe He wants us to succeed fulfilling our dreams with the RIGHT Man.

It’s 2018 baby and I know your biological clock is ticking fast; but, hey! DON’T let that fool you into the arms of a monster.
Because, personally, I believe it’s better to marry LATE but well than marrying EARLY but in pains…
The worst place after hell is a bad MARRIAGE. Would you rather ENJOY or ENDURE yours?

Like I always say, the choice is completely yours hunie, I’m only a servant to guide and I’m hoping you all make the right choices this year.

I’m so in love with your success, Angie😙

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