Nigeria: Taming the Bug of Wastefulness

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Elementary knowledge acquaints us with the information that only rubbishes are good for the dung-yard. What a surprise pulled on us by advanced knowledge which shows that even the good, the beautiful and the desirable could make it to the dung hill and eventually end in the incinerator of life.
Sure, the incinerator where lifes are burnt, time squandered, brains drained and ideals lost. Yes, Nigeria has since convinced us to this effect.

Why is Nigeria so wasteful to the extent of having people waste in needless deaths in their hundreds if not thousands making death one of the cheapest commodities around? Why are we so wasteful that we’re comfortable having citizens waste irredeemable time in traffic such as the 7hr or 24hr wasteful venture on the Lagos/Ibadan Expressway? Can’t we have lay-bys and flyovers as done by Lagos State? A success imitated is still a success, isn’t it?

Why are we so wasteful that it doesn’t bother the powers that be that the youth are wasting away in idleness, fickleness and utter mindlessness? Why are we so wasteful to the extent of allowing our best brains drain into other economies? Why are we so wasteful allowing a few to corner the national cake for themselves and their cronies without any form of recourse to our national economic well being. They not just take their fill but goes on spilling it on the table with their mouths messed with the icing and their fingers ignominiously enmeshed in a manner symptomatic of a maniac? Yet the mass of the people is gagged and prostrate with outstretched arms begging for a piece of what communally belongs to them.

We had sequels of years of financial boom as a Nation, but we’ll rather prove to the world that common sense isn’t common by not factoring-in the raining days. We changed the definition of stupidity. We entrenched the culture of waste and so far it’s come to stay. Someone will flaunt a N5m expenditure receipt at a night club on social media and yet another is on same social media seeking N1.5m for a life and death medical surgery. How stupider can it get? For owambe parties, I sure don’t want to go there.

Wait before lamenting, the same wasteful bug is what has bitten you that makes you leave your lights on even during the day or your air-conditioning wanting the room to be very conditioned before you’re back. Shame! Perhaps you’re better than the State where the few street lights are even on during the day. Can’t thermostats save us? Just thinking.

Hasn’t the same culture of waste made you invest in some sorts of inconvenient and financially uncomfortable ostentatiousness because you ‘wan make dem take’ ? Even though it’s practically your headache, I’ll still recommend a mind reengineering.
Take a headcount today and tell me how many with means in Nigeria has a foundation or any other means of giving back.

We’re so wasteful that people who have no business being rich are stupendously wealthy and those who have no business being poor are abjectly poor. Why are we so wasteful that death has become an off the shelf item?
Hope you’ll still like me if I show you how wasteful you are by buying that phone that you’ll never utilise beyond 40% of its installed capacity?

Give me a shout if you have a standing cooking gas, how many times did you ever use the oven or the grill? Sure! Never or probably you can count on your fingers, but unfortunately you paid for it, that’s part of the reasons it’s more expensive than the table top, I’m guilty too, we wasted resources. Little blame though, our wasteful culture might have stemmed from our act of ineffectiveness and systemic rottenness.

Nothing seem to be done effectively such that you need more than a bank to have a satisfactory financial service, you need more than a SIM to have a satisfactory GSM service. And you have more than a phone? I reserve my comment. You need more than a decoder to have an enjoyable cable TV service. Someone once said the generator is a family member in Nigeria but unfortunately one won’t do, you need one that runs on low fuel and yet a bigger one.

About 120m people, but we’ll rather waste the best of minds on the altar of ego, religion and ethnic biases to vote the worst of us to lead the rest of us. If you think we’re not wasteful, I’m sorry, you just wasted your time reading this. Ain’t we just fantastically wasteful? THINK!

‘Dapo Omojola

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