Time for the Youth, But Which Youth?

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I know the persistent clamor for youth leadership in Nigeria isn’t necessarily new to you.

But my candid lines of questions starts with ‘which youth’?
The same youth that has allowed the six and half a dozen named PDP and APC to polarize them?
The ones that won’t join a political party expecting power to be served them a là carte?
The same youth that is incapable of an intellectual discourse without recourse to insults?

The same youth that reads only paper headlines without the body and hastily forms an opinion? Case in hand is the silly snake that swallowed money, an event clearly told to have happened under the last administration but now unveiled by an Auditor now.
The one who operates on the least level of intelligence called assumption by broadcasting ‘sent as received`. I bleed!

Which youth really?
The ones without PVC but with occupied fingers on social media?
The slay queen who’s surreptitiously surrendered her future to be slayed by the alaanus(helpers)?
The ones that do not know the names of their ward Councillor let alone their senator.
The ones that’s waiting for his turn to steal and loot?

The ones that will pray and pray as opposed to working and praying.
The ones ready to raise two hands and stamp his feet for a plate of ukwobi?
The ones that will by all means pay for `table’ at an entertainment event but abhor a free capacity building seminar? Where is the preparation?

The ones that will use their money via SMS to vote for a couple of lewdness, sleaze and vulgarity displaying youth on national TV in the name of reality show but won’t show up at the polling centre to vote for those capable of affecting their destiny?

Which youth abeg?
The same youth with the largest voting demography, yet can’t swing votes in their favour.
No way, why will they vote when there’s Arsenal vs Man United?
Yea! It’s cool to exonerate yourself, many of us will gladly do, but this is the sorry state I see.
The older generation has failed us and my generation is systematically failing us.
Sleep isn’t only the state of closed eyes and physical inactivity, we need to wake up!
For me, the youth isn’t ready for jack!

‘Dapo Omojola

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