Children: Where Do Their Values Come From?

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Just asking myself where children get their values from?
You might have guessed right, but in case you didn’t, read my muse.
His values are formed over time by his environment which you’re chief of. When you give him a worn-out beggar forsaken N5 for offering and a crispy N500 note for Ice-cream and pastries, you’re displaying and teaching your sense of values to him about setting priorities.
ValuesYou deposit values in him when you insist on his doing his school home work but frowns if the church sends home some Bible reading and memory work. Your value is on open display when you stay home to do your laundry and clean the house (which is good thing to do) instead of going to Sunday School and Church.
You’re showing your sense of values to your child when you put sports and pleasure events ahead of your duties and responsibilities to the church. When you allow your child to stay up late and watch TV, or stay out late for a sports or pleasure event, and have no concern in their attending youth meetings at the church, you are showing your sense of values to your child. When you insist on your child going to school, but not to Sunday School and church, you are showing your values to your child.
Ultimately you’re devalued when you realise they’ve gone far away from His presence at their older ages, and frantically trying to get them back becomes sapping and almost impossible. Value your values if they’re really of value. THINK!

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